In a world where there is so many fake people and news, it’s nice to find a blog that is personal and real. So uplifting to read and realize there are people out there who think and feel some of the same things you do. I so enjoyed reading every post ,they are always so uplifting and encouraging! Keep these coming, love you...
— Jolene / Mom

MOVING...Its the word that comes to me when i read Mellies blog. She writes from a place of transparency and authenticity, there are no put on’s or fake messages. I love her heart and compassion for people that comes through her writing.
— Justin Howard

Melonie has impressed me with her raw passion for reading, writing, and creative expression. When working as my administrative assistant, I observed how her caring nature and personality allowed her to work well with others in a team setting, and how she always respected others’ opinions even when they differed from her own. Melonie demonstrates a rare openness and empathy for the opinions, feelings, and perspectives of others and consistently seeks out constructive feedback so she can learn more and improve her communication and writing skills. She is an insightful, fun-loving, sensitive, and deeply self-aware individual driven to explore art, writing, Theology, and desires to deepen her understanding of how the Gospel of Christ impacts the human condition.

— Pastor Simeon Young
I have loved everything Melonie has written. Her words are Inspiring, caring, honest, encouraging , down to earth, humorous and always comes from the biggest heart on the planet. I always look forward to the next read.
— Marjean Esparza

Melonie’s writing is a pleasure to read! I enjoy how she intertwines scripture with transparent anecdotes from her life. I learn from scripture, relate to her stories, and listen to her advice. I know with each post I will take away a needed reminder and see life from a new perspective. I look forward to each post with anticipation!

— Stephanie